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Lok Hith Manav Social Welfare Society

Lok Hith Manav Social Welfare Society is engaged in various activities and associated with other organizations in order to implement various social projects.

Some of the projects are as follows:

Through an associated organization namely "Hamari Ummeed" it used to pick street children and rehabilitate them by educating moral, social, spiritual teachings and also their academics.

The society has started "Vishwakarma Motor Bike Repairing Centre" in which various street boys have started motor bike repair shops. This project is presently at Rohini (Delhi).

The society is also associated with "Vishram Vridhh Aashram". In this activity it used to rehabilitate old alzheimer people who have lost their homes or their own children left them. These old alzheimer people are looked after and their food, shelter and other activities are also taken care of. This project is presently at Garh Mukteshwar (U.P.)

The society is also associated with "Child Old Blind People". In this project blind students are looked after. Their education, food and shelter are taken care. These blind students of school and collage are also enjoying sports and got medals in competitions. This project is presently working in Nangloi (Delhi).

The society and its members have enlarged their group and association with Gaushalas and one of the Gaushala namely "Shree Ladwa Gaushala" located in Hisar(Haryana) is closely associated with the society. The members of this society have become members in the society running Shree Ladwa Gaushala and the members of Shree Ladwa Gaushala have become members in this society. The Gaushala is not only taking care of the cows but also making use of the cow dung and cow urine effectively.

The society has started this project at Orissa in Aadiwasi Area in Phulbani District in Kandhmaal Area in village Karnada and the project is named as "Govind Gram". The project was started with the association of Shri Ram Sewa Trust having common members of the society in 2013 and the project is now independently handled through its members Shri Neelanchal Jena and Parmeshwar and Aadiwasis of Phulbani district. In this project the land was not owned by the society as in the aadiwasi area land cannot be purchased. The society has formed a group in the village and requested the concerned authorities to allot the land for Gau Charan and the efforts have been fruitful. The land of 5 acres has been allotted for "Govind Gram" and so a detailed project is required to be developed. This project would not only employ aadiwasi rural people but also engage them in activities due to which their land will used for organic farming because "Govind Gram" will encourage the production of bacteria induced fertilizers and with the help these fertilizers organic farming is possible.

The project "Govind Gram" which is presently working in Orissa run by the society has planned to produce electricity from biogas and also biogas to be used for the villagers in order to reduce smoke and smokeless Chulhas have been designed which will reduce carbon emission. Thus non conventional and renewable source of energy would be introduced in Orissa.

Recently the members of the society along with rural aadiwasis have taken steps with administrative authorities and police and saved more than 50 cows from being slaughtered and these cows were distributed among villagers by the society members. The society is taking care of the food and other requirements when needed by the villagers though more than 70 cows are already in the Gaushala.