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Quality Assurance Consultancy & ISO Certification:

We provide management consultancy services for obtaining the latest ISO Certification and ensuring adherence to it towards running of the businesses in a professional manner giving confidence and trust to their clients, which would lead to rapid growth and expansion of businesses, helps in increasing sales, new orders, exports, govt tenders, corporate orders etc. 

The process of Certification involves and/ or ensures:

  • Strategy review
  • Business audits
  • Business improvements
  • Process improvements
  • Business growth
  • Supplier management
  • Supply chain management
  • Professional procurement
  • Outsourcing services
We specialize in providing:
  • ISO 9001 Certification
  • ISO13485 Certification
  • ISO14001 Certification
  • ISO20000 Certification
  • ISO27001 Certification
  • OHS AS 18001 Certification
  • AS/ NZS 4801 Certification


IPSO provides a managed center for quality assurance. There are many ways to build QA into an enterprise.

Our team focus on Testing and QA that never deters. We work with our clients to enable stronger testing processes, more effective and productive QA organizations, and superior application quality.

IPSO ensure a risk-free and value-driven delivery to its clients.