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Property Management:

Some people, particularly NRIs face huge difficulty in upkeep and maintenance of their building, assets and other immoveable properties since they are far away, have not only limited time and opportunity themselves but have virtually no trustworthy person or agency to take care of the same. IPSO is geared up to manage Clients' assets and properties so that the client remains stress-free for issues such as:-

Illegal Occupancy
Tenant Search and Screening
Tenant management including rent agreement & associated paperwork
Utility Bills Payments
Guidance and Compliance regarding Property Taxes & Legal issues
Property inspection and Repair, Maintenance & Renovation
Leasing/ Transfer/ Registration of Property
Periodical Reports and Returns

Because of the high ROI potential of the sector, many investors have already invested and will continue to invest towards real estate. At the same time, Non-Resident Indians (NRI) and Person of Indian Origin (PIO) have also invested in the property market. And it truly becomes difficult for someone who has a large portfolio of real estate to manage these properties and generate regular rental income in addition to the capital appreciation gains. Non-Resident Indians (NRI) and PIO find it even more difficult to manage their properties in India because of living far away in various countries around the world. These NRIs visit India at best twice a year and dealing with tenants, doing paperwork, collecting & paying bills, maintenance issues are too large to resolve in their short visits.

Therefore, it makes sense to opt for a Property Management professionals to take care of the property. The services provided by a property management company can go a long way in resolving property and tenant issues, tenant search, maintenance, and above all supervision of the property.

With us, the property investment will not only be safe and secure but at the same time may generate rental income. Moreover, if the property is in use, it does not develop any defects such as dampness, structural issues, and thus, non-performance of bath & electric fittings. At the same time, property remains under constant supervision and thereby eliminating the risks of encroachment.

At IPSO, We provide full property management services to NRI, PIO, and investors who are either too busy or living far away or anyone who wants us to manage their property since we can do all the required work i.e. We inspect the property, search and screen the tenant, provide repair and maintenance support, collect bills & rent, enhance property value, handle any tenant queries.